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The Private Life and Public Trials of Wisconsin’s First Woman Lawyer is a digital biography of Lavinia Goodell. Like a 19th-century novel published in serial format, we are blogging about Lavinia’s personal life and her pioneering work as one of the nation’s early women lawyers.  Explore the Table of Contents in the left side bar. It includes all the components of a traditional biography. But in lieu of chapters, it lists subject headings. Click one to see the posts linked to that subject. The list of subjects will expand as we publish new episodes of Lavinia’s life over the coming year.

This site also includes “pages” dedicated to topics essential to understanding Lavinia’s life: her family, her advocacy for women’s rights, and her contemporaries. Pages about the cases she litigated and her battle for admission to the Wisconsin Supreme Court are coming soon. We especially hope that you will read “A Case of Mistaken Identity.” For decades a photo of an unknown woman has been associated with Lavinia Goodell. This post tells how the mix up happened.  We’ll be publishing new episodes of Lavinia’s life and sharing a trove of primary sources every week. Please follow along by email, Facebook or Twitter. Colleen Ball and Nancy Kopp

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What a fun read!
I bet the two of you really enjoyed this project.

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